Tickle Time Sunblock FAQ


How do Tickle Time's minerals work as a sunblock?

Tickle Time is a complete mineral sunblock. It's made of pure minerals from naturally-occurring rock. There are only four of these mineral ingredients, and they're not diluted down. When you apply Tickle Time to your child's face or body, it isn't absorbed; instead, it sits on top of the skin. Light can't penetrate rock, so your child is completely protected from the sun and environment!

What are the ingredients in Tickle Time, and how do they help to protect my child's skin?

  • micronized titanium dioxide: for natural sun protection
  • bismuth oxychloride: natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • zinc oxide: natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • iron oxides: provide color with no chemical dyes

What is the difference between UVA/UVB and does Tickle Time protect my children from both?

UVA (Ultraviolet-A) rays are powerful. They can penetrate clothing and glass and cause deep damage to the skin to cause signs of aging. UVB (Ultraviolet-B) rays are responsible for most sunburns and cause damage to the superficial epidermal layers of the skin. Tickle Time protects your child from all UVA and UVB rays, providing a complete, natural barrier to these damaging rays without causing itching, burning or stinging.

Does Tickle Time absorb into the skin?

Tickle Time minerals are not absorbed into your body. Instead, they lie on the surface of the skin. So, unlike creams and lotions, no chemicals or toxins are passed into your system.

Is Tickle time water-resistant?

Tickle Time is totally water-resistant! Your child can be in the water all day and Tickle Time will not come off unless you wipe it off with a towel. Plus, the minerals in Tickle Time prevent the chemicals in swimming pools from being absorbed into your child's skin.

What is an SPF and does Tickle Time have one?

"SPF" stands for "Sun Protection Factor". With most sunblocks, you use the SPF rating to determine how often you need to reapply to stay protected from the skin. But since Tickle Time doesn’t absorb into the skin or dissipate in water, you can don’t need to reapply Tickle Time at all! According to the FDA, Tickle Time minerals have an SPF rating of 20.

Should my child wear sunblock every day or just the days when it's sunny? What about the winter?

It's a misconception that the sun's rays can't reach you on a cloudy day, or in the wintertime. Plus, many kinds of indoor lighting also emit ultraviolet light. Applying Tickle Time every day will keep your children protected.

Does Tickle Time mineral sunblock have any other effects on the skin either positive or negative?

Tickle time has many positive effects on the skin. In addition to protecting the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, the minerals bismuth oxychloride and zinc oxide have natural anti-inflammatory properties. And since Tickle Time minerals aren't absorbed into the skin, there are none of the negative effects that creams and lotions can cause.

Does Tickle Time work on all skin types and tones?

Yes! Tickle Time comes in three translucent shades, so you can choose which one of which is right for your child's skin tones and type.

  • We want you to be informed about the choices you make. If you have any questions about Tickle Time, please contact us!