The Tickle Time Story


Hi! I'm Anne Heche. This is my family and here's our Tickle Time story. I'm lucky. There are a few things every woman wants in her life: a loving partner, healthy and kind children, a great job… and good skin! I'm a blessed woman.

Our skin needs needs consistency and care.

Wear sunblock. Make it a mantra!

I often get asked what I do for my skin and my answer is always the same. "I use sunblock." I have learned that to have good skin you must keep it protected from the sun. I know you've heard it before, and that's because it's true. Nothing ages and is more dangerous for our skin than the sun. And if sunblock is the most important thing for our skin, sunblock has to be the most important thing for our children's skin. So what's the best thing we can do to protect our families? Wear Sunblock. Wear sunblock. Wear sunblock. Make it a mantra.

I have searched high and low for the sunblock that works best for me. I hate creams and sprays. Not only are they a bother because they're sticky and gooey and greasy to put on, you have to keep re-applying them. How annoying! Most sunscreen absorbs into your skin within an hour or two and then you have to keep putting it on to get the best protection. There are few that aren't putting chemicals in your skin and bad for the environment. Read the ingredients and you will be stunned. So what's the solution?

Finally I found one that I love!

The discovery…

As luck would have it, one day while I was talking to my hairdresser Patrick Jagille, I was given an answer I had been waiting for all my life. "You have to meet my friend Kathy Tracy," he said. "She's co-founder of La Bella Donna. I have a feeling you guys will become fast friends and work together one day. You both care about the same things." Patrick often has a miraculous sixth sense and this time was no different. I knew he was giving me a gift. When I got home I went on line immediately and searched the La Bella Donna web site for sunblock. What did I discover? La Bella Donna's Mineral Makeup, which is both a foundation and a sunblock. I started using it every day. Now I never burn, don't have to reapply unless I wash my face, and my skin feels better and looks healthier than it ever has. 100% mineral, 100% chemical free. No added ingredients. I'm addicted.

Protecting my kids

But what about my kids? I have a simple, easy morning ritual protecting myself from the sun, but the boys' morning ritual was horrible! James and I would cover them with sunscreen lotions that were cold sprays or oily, greasy creams that they hated. They protested every morning and squirmed away. James would be wrestling Atlas to get him protected, while I was arguing with Homer. How many times have there been tears shed in your house when the creams or sprays get in their eyes? It's miserable. What a terrible way to start the day! I needed a new ritual! I needed a new sunblock for kids that was fun not irritating!

I started putting La Bella Donna minerals on my makeup brushes and giving them to the boys in the morning. At first they thought it was funny. They brushed the minerals on their face and started giggling. What a difference! When they got home from school at the end of the day, they had no redness and no burns. Could this be true? The kids put on sunblock and enjoyed it? Sunblock that was fun? Sunblock that stayed on all day? Sunblock that made them giggle? A new morning ritual was born.

A fun new morning ritual!

Atlas gigglingI started calling out, "Tickle Time!" in the morning and the boys would come running into the bathroom to put on their sunblock. No more struggle, no more tears. No more screaming and fighting, no more bad moods. Soon Daddy got involved, "Tickle Time, Dad!" And the boys would brush the sunblock on daddy and daddy on the boys. Amazingly they would apply without being asked! "Tickling our way to healthy skin. Every family deserves this experience," I told James, "Let's make a sunblock for kids and call it Tickle Time."

New friends, and a new product

"I'm ready to meet your friend Kathy," I said to Patrick, "I think I have an idea she'll like." I met the amazing Kathy Tracy for the first time at a charming café in Beverly Hills. It was just as Patrick had predicted. I pitched the idea of Tickle Time to Kathy and her daughter, Nicole, Co-founders of La Bella Donna. At the end of lunch we threw our arms around each other having formed a fast friendship. They loved the idea. Kathy and Nicole have always wanted to develop a mineral product line for children and Tickle Time seemed like the perfect place to start.

The protection solution!

Anne and HomerWhat's better than protecting our children from the harmful rays of the sun with a product that's 100% mineral, 100% chemical free and 100% fun? Every time we say Tickle Time we smile. And that's exactly what everyone should do when they use it. Our children now have a new way to care for their skin. And they can giggle while they do it.

Help our children have beautiful healthy skin for the rest of their lives. Tickle each other every day. Use Tickle Time. We invite you to play while protecting your precious ones from the sun and the environment naturally. No chemicals, No irritants. Just total UVA/UVB protection.


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